5 Best Demolition Builders in New Orleans, LA

Below is a list of major demolition builders in New Orleans. To help you find the best demolition builders near you in New Orleans, we’ve put together our own list based on this rating point list.

The best demolition builders in New Orleans:

The top rated demolition builders in New Orleans, LA are:

  • Great easy demolition – offers free and fair estimates and upfront prices
  • Jamie’s Disposal LLC – aims to provide hassle-free dumpster rental solutions
  • Demolition in Louisiana – also provides asbestos removal inspections and measurements
  • MTP Demolition Co of New Orleans – is equipped with everything necessary
  • Demo Diva Demolition Co – was launched by Simone Bruni in 2006

Great easy demolitionNew Orleans Demolition Builders

Great easy demolition, in addition to providing professional expertise and quality services, offers free and fair estimates and upfront prices on all services provided. They can discuss with you the cost of demolishing a house or building. They proudly service the Metairie, New Orleans, Slidell, Kenner, Laplace and entire greater New Orleans area. Big Easy Demolition has made a name for itself in the Big Easy area because of its commitment to great work, fast delivery, excellent customer service and affordable prices. They have fully licensed and insured demolition contractors who have years of experience with demolition services of various types throughout the NOLA area.


Residential Demolition, Excavation, Disaster Relief, Debris Removal, Concrete Removal, Land Clearing, Interior Demolition, Commercial Demolition


Address: 625 Celeste St Suite 504-B, New Orleans, LA 70130
Call: (504) 688-4399
Website: www.bigeasydemolition.com


“I have just purchased a house following a foreclosure and we were planning to seriously revamp the place. Big Easy Demolition performed the grounds clearing services while we planned the look of the interior of the new house. We also decided to hire them as pool demolition contractors as the wife and I don’t have time to maintain the pool. I worked with them for a few weeks and can say they were reliable and trustworthy.” – Nicholas C.

Jamie’s Disposal LLCThe Best Demolition Builders in New Orleans

Jamie’s Disposal LLC is a demolition and dumpster rental company that has been in business for 13 years. They provide services to residential and commercial landlords and contractors in metropolitan New Orleans and surrounding Louisiana parishes. Specializing in commercial and residential demolition, the members of its team guarantee quality control and the standards are rigorous during demolition work on site. Dedicated to providing outstanding services at an affordable price.

Jamie’s Disposal aims to provide hassle-free dumpster rental solutions to commercial, residential and industrial construction needs. Their highly trained and experienced staff ensure the removal of construction debris without damaging your property and surroundings. Combining demolition services with dumpster rental solutions, Jamie’s Disposal ensures contractors and construction companies don’t need to hire multiple crews for each job, they will take care of your demolition and rental needs. dumpsters.


Demolition Services, Dumpster Rental & Transportation


Address: 53790 Grant St, New Orleans, LA 70129
Call: (504) 239-9199
Website: www.jamiedisposal.com


“I love working with this company! I use them often and they are great for communication and short notice requests. I highly recommend them!” -Ashley B.

Demolition in LouisianaNew Orleans Demolition Builders

Demolition in Louisiana works with building contractors and all businesses and homeowners. Call them and bring their experience in project management, regulation and asbestos abatement to New Orleans for the next project. They provide an end-to-end customer experience that includes seamless communication, staffing, budgeting, and on-site organization. Louisiana Demolition also provides inspections and asbestos abatement measures if needed.

Complete demolition or razing of buildings and other man-made structures. They use large hydraulic equipment, excavators, cranes and bulldozers. Provide site preparation with recovery of the scraping iron.


Demolition & Renovation


Address: 1501 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116
Call: (504) 508-4630
Website: www.louisianademo.com


“Excellent company. I hire them to do all the demolition for my real estate company. –
Franky T.

MTP Demolition Co of New OrleansGood demolition builders in New Orleans

MTP Demolition Co of New Orleans‘ The experienced team is equipped with everything needed to carry out a demonstration or on-site work, as quickly as possible, so you can ensure that the whole process is smooth and hassle-free. For them, there is simply nothing more important than completing the work you need to do on time. Whether it’s demolition work or site preparation, they know you can’t afford major delays or hassles.

If you select their service to do all these jobs, you will never have a problem. Their service is available at a wide range of locations throughout the greater New Orleans area, including Kenner, Slidell, and LaPlace. So, if you’re looking for the best New Orleans demo companies, you can’t go past them.


Commercial Demolition, Excavation, Residential Demolition, Interior Demolition, Land Clearing, Disaster Relief


Call: (504) 565-2610
Website: www.neworleansdemo.com


“MTP Demo did a great job of cleaning up for many of us. Demolishing an old storage building, felling trees and digging to improve the drainage of the property. They walked me through everything, at a fair price and with great communication. Give these guys a call! – Darlène T.

Demo Diva Demolition CoOne of the best demolition builders in New Orleans

Demo Diva Demolition Co was launched by Simone Bruni in 2006 to clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her tenacity and marketing skills created the nation’s most unique female-led demolition company, The Demo Diva, LLC. Quickly distinguishing herself from seasoned construction contractors, she marked the public image of Demo Diva. All of its heavy equipment, trucks, and dumpsters are painted bright pink. In seven years, Demo Diva has cleared thousands of flooded and destroyed homes. it has now grown into a multi-million dollar commercial and residential demolition business that has expanded to Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Demolition, transport of dumpsters, selective and architectural recovery


Address: 6246 Memphis St, New Orleans, LA 70124
Call: (504) 486-4121
Website: www.demodiva.com


“It has always been pleasant to work with Demo Diva. Their prices are competitive, the employees are responsive and friendly, and they drop off and pick up when they say they will. Great company easy to do business with. -Anthony R.

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