Brookings register | The Commission approves the updated fee schedule

BROOKINGS – Brookings City Council approved an updated version of the City’s Consolidated Fee Schedule on November 9, as presented by Ashley Rentsch, Deputy Director of Finance.

After reviewing the city’s fee schedule, staff identified fees that need to be updated or clarified in community development, parks, and solid waste departments. The updates will go into effect on January 1, 2022, she said.

Building permit fees will be increased by $ 5 per square foot, so the fees will be comparable to rates in peer cities, she said.

The option of half-day rental of picnic shelters in town has been removed because they have not been used; the shelters will be available for daily rental only, Rentsch said.

Landfill charges will drop from $ 43 to $ 44 per tonne, “which will add approximately $ 50,000 in revenue per year and contribute to strategic priorities,” Rentsch said.

The research showed 10 similar communities with landfills where “the average charge per tonne was $ 54.63. We are still well below this average, but we are taking steps to gradually increase our fees to meet our needs, ”said Rentsch.

“We are removing from the fee schedule all charges associated with commercial cart and dumpster pickups as commercial collection services are no longer provided by the Town of Brookings,” said Rentsch.

Wording has been added to clarify that sales tax is charged on refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile homes and tires taken to landfill.

“And with the citizens’ campus at the landfill, we wanted to add wording to the schedule to clarify that there is no charge for the dumping of clean non-commercial lumber and lumber, trees and trees. branches, compost and recycled compost, ”said Rentsch.

Ten-year plan to improve fixed assets

Last week, the board also approved the 10-year capital improvement plan, which was discussed in detail by the board in a budget session.

“This Capital Improvement Plan is a 10-year planning tool that includes capital expenditures of $ 25,000 or more,” City CFO Erick Rangel said, adding that the plan was balanced until in 2026.

Further decisions will be necessary, from 2027, due to agency funding commitments and existing facility maintenance needs, he added.

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