Green Waste

Plant these foolproof natives this fall

Question: I want to grow more native plants for a habitat garden. Can you suggest five easy-to-grow natives? Answer: First of all, we applaud your interest in native plants for your garden! The natives are adorable, durable, and ideal for creating habitat and increasing the biodiversity in your garden. They …

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5 takeaways from Canada’s official electoral debates

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to call an election two years ahead of schedule did not work out as planned. Polls have always followed a drop in voter support for his Liberal Party and an increase in support for his closest rivals, the Conservatives, leaving parties in statistical …

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Online guide to going green

?? Information on how to live sustainably is now easier to find thanks to an upgrade to Wellington Shire Council’s online resources for residents and local businesses. The Council’s website update includes an in-depth review of all things sustainability and the environment. This is part of a commitment made by …

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