Dennis O’Neill | Unintended impacts of the Food Waste Bill

Once again, our state legislators have passed a bill long with good intentions but filled with unintended consequences. This new mandate will require food waste, i.e. leftover meals, fruit peelings, etc., to be placed in the same container as green waste.

Now consider the consequences of this action on warm to hot spring and summer days. The food that sits in containers outside next to our homes will be an open invitation to various species of rodents as well as opossums, raccoons and flies, all rotting in the trash waiting for daylight. of pickup. The potential for various illnesses from these now well-fed creatures roaming freely through our neighborhoods is staggering, and we live here in fear of an airborne virus.

Keep it at home, you say, and place it in a separate container. Great, I can’t wait for the pleasant aroma of rotting food to welcome us home each day, not to mention the horde of ants camped out in the yard looking for an entrance. Making your own compost pile is commendable, but for most residents it’s not very practical and the concept of community gardening has some possibilities, but again in many communities it’s not practical, and the idea of ​​moving it to a local compost site, well, I figured that was what we’ve been paying Waste Management for all along.

On a much larger scale, consider grocery stores and restaurants. While a separate bin will be provided by their local waste supplier, the scope of these above mentioned issues will multiply again and again.

I’m not saying we don’t need to make changes to how we handle food waste and maintain landfills, but please could Wizards of Smart of Sacramento allow some issues like this are run by local governments? The one solution mandate coming out of Sacramento is, quite frankly, the root of most of the problems we face in this state.

Dennis O’Neill


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