Develop green waste compost plants, tells Ambala MC to schools

Ambala MC asked schools to develop green waste composting plants and to sort waste at the source where the manure created from the plants can be used by them

Municipal company Ambala has asked the government and private schools to develop green waste composting plants and sort waste at the source, where the manure created from the plants can be used by them. It would also help reduce the burden of dumping garbage on the civic body, officials said.

During a workshop held Thursday at Panchayat Bhawan as part of the Swachh Bharat (urban) mission, 180 representatives from various schools, officials from the education department and NGOs learned about waste disposal methods and segregation.

At the launch event, teachers and principals were sensitized on the role of institutes in waste management and others by Naresh Bhardwaj of the NGO Green Earth and MC curator Dhirendra Khadgata.

He said schools have been urged to add garbage disposal and segregation as an extracurricular activity and to hold competitions on the subject.

General manager Jarnail Singh said a sample of trash cans will be kept at Baldev Nagar Public Schools for Boys and Girls, with separate disposal of pen-type waste and multi-layered plastic waste.

“Schools will be invited to visit the sample school to understand the process and to replicate on their premises with their own funds. We could provide economic aid in unique cases, ”he said.

From November 1, officials from the sanitation branch will also visit schools to train teachers on segregation and composition.

“Later, teachers will teach the students about cleaning activities and the returning students will submit a weekly report to their parents on how they used separate bins for waste disposal. We will reward the best students every term in schools, ”Khadgata said.

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