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The Bravo FireSmart neighborhood recognition program team has had great success this month.

Twelve volunteers picked up tree branches, logs and other flammable land fuels on an access strip between lots 898 and 902 on Green Lake South Road on August 25, loading the debris onto two trailers. The trailers then made two trips each to the 70-mile eco-depot where the drivers dropped the fuel on the ground in the green waste area, where it will eventually be crushed and then recycled.

The Work Bee was an important step in the effort to help South Green Lake residents get their neighborhood recognized by FireSmart Canada.

The FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program is designed to “provide an effective management approach to preserve the aesthetics of wildlife while reducing the potential for community inflammation.”

According to FireSmart Canada, “FireSmart homes and neighborhoods allow [wildfire] firefighters to focus on fighting forest fires, which ultimately saves more homes and lives.

“Neighborhoods in which residents take measures to reduce their vulnerability are more likely to survive a forest fire without the intervention of the [structural] firefighters.”

Ultimately, Bob Bell and I, as local representatives of Intelli-Fire, and neighborhood champion Kathy Traynor and her committee want to encourage residents of the Bravo neighborhood of South Green Lake to work together to reduce their vulnerability and the risk of destruction by forest fires by making their properties and buildings fireproof.

Bell said he was happy with how Traynor took over with this FireSmart neighborhood recognition program and how she handled it with her committee.

“Everyone’s goal is to see three FireSmart neighborhoods in the South Green Lake community,” he said.

Traynor said she thought the Work Bee was great because it was a community event. “It was great to do something for the good of the community. I would say it went well.

“Four huge loads of [flammable ground fuel] from this wooded area went to [70 Mile Eco-Depot] and everyone was in a good mood and had fun doing it.

Noting that there were 12 volunteers, Traynor said two members of the South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SGLVFD) – Brian Wagner and John Sullivan – drove the water supply truck to the event. and provided traffic control to ensure trucks and trailers could get off and on the road safely. The volunteers brought chainsaws which were used to reduce the size of the fuel on the ground to make them easier and safer to stack in the trailers.

SGLVFD Fire Chief Roger Graham also joined the volunteers in throwing limbs and other fuels to the ground at the trailers.

Bell and I got to the working bee early to make sure the volunteers could walk around safely and start filling the first trailer.

Traynor said each of the volunteers worked about four hours that day.

Water and cookies were provided to the volunteers, thanks to one of the owner’s generous donations, she added.

“I would like to warmly thank everyone who came to help us that day. We cleared about two-thirds of this strip of land and this reduced the risk of forest fire growth and destruction for the three neighboring owners. “

This is exactly what the FireSmart Neighborhoods program is all about, she added.

Traynor noted that during work, one of the volunteers offered to join the Bravo FireSmart neighborhood committee.

The committee now has four members, including Deb Hughes, Sue Palmer, Pat Graham and Traynor.

Traynor said it was exciting to see how motivated the volunteers were after the bee work because “they were asking what could they do next?”

Meanwhile, Traynor must complete a report and file an application for the Bravo district to be recognized as a FireSmart district by FireSmart Canada.

Bell and I want to organize a neighborhood information presentation on how neighbors can protect neighbors by working together on FireSmarting projects.

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