Hudson Valley may soon allow for recycling of deceased loved ones

Residents of Hudson Valey may soon be able to recycle the body of a deceased family member.

A new form of burial could become legal in New York City, giving families another option to say goodbye to a loved one. Human composting is now legal in Washington state and has just been approved by Colorado lawmakers. According to CBS New York, the practice has now caught the attention of the state legislature who can also vote to make New York the third state to allow it.

The process involves taking the body of a deceased person and combining it with organic material, such as wood chips. A chemical reaction between nitrogen and carbon can break down a body in 30 days and turn it into soil. Family members would have the option to take the land and use it to grow something on their own property.

Proponents call it “natural organic reduction” and applaud the idea of ​​an environmentally friendly way to bring a loved one’s body back to nature. While this seems like a perfectly suitable option for people who choose it, organizations that make a lot of money for expensive funerals are not happy with it.

Many funeral directors criticized the idea, likely because they would be left out of the process. Human composting would be overseen by cemeteries, allowing families to bypass the cost of expensive coffins, flowers, and funeral services. The Catholic Church has also spoken out strongly against human composting, calling it disrespectful.

Personally, I think the idea is long overdue. I love the idea of ​​being part of the circle of life instead of being scattered in the ashes or sitting preserved with a bunch of chemicals in a box deep underground. Not letting my family pay a bunch of unnecessary funeral costs is also a very heartwarming thought.

We want to know what you think. Would you consider human composting if it were legal in New York State? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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