Kevin Feige Explains When Tom Holland Really Became Spider-Man

Kevin Feige has made no secret of his love for Spider-Man. Feige gave Sony detailed notes on how to improve The Amazing Spider-Man 2, despite having a competitor making those films. That’s right, Feige loves the Wallcrawler so much he was willing to help out a rival just to make sure we got some good Spider-Man movies.

Unfortunately for Sony, but fortunately for Feige, his advice fell on deaf ears and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to perform at the box office. A few years later, Sony and Disney struck a deal that would see Spidey jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving Feige control of the character.

Under Feige and director Jon Watts, the MCU Spider-Man movie trilogy was a commercial and critical success, giving us potentially top Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and some pretty great action movies. . One of Feige’s biggest accomplishments, however, is getting his favorite Spider-Man moment in Homecoming, and he credits it as Spidey’s true MCU origin.

In an interview with Nick Lowe, the editor of Amazing Spider-Man (the comics, not the Marvel movie), Feige was asked about his favorite Spider-Man moment. “It lifts the rubble,” Feige explained. “Ditko ‘raises the rubble,’ and it stuck with me my whole life, and from the moment I joined Marvel Studios, I was like, ‘we should do this in the movies’.”

It wasn’t until Spider-Man: Homecoming that we said, “Oh, we do,” he continued. “For me, that’s when Tom Holand Truly becomes Spider-Man.”

If you share Feige’s passion for the Wallcrawler, take a look at our Spider-Man 4 guide to learn more about his future. Or we have a guide to Spider-Man: Freshman Year if you want to learn more about how Peter Parker became a superhero.

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