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Location: Courthouse annex, 095 Second St., Asotin.

Interagency Data Sharing Agreement with Washington State Auditor.

Public hearing to review the final performance of the Fire and Life Safety Project funded by the Community Development Block Grant.

Resolution to enact a burning ban.

Contract with the Washington State School for the Blind.

Classroom Use Agreement with Independent School District No.1.

Executive session for staff and contract negotiations.

Location: Asotin Town Hall, 121 Cleveland St., Asotin.

Municipal fireworks by-law.

First readings of the ordinances repealing the funds of the municipal courts; interlocal agreement.

Resolution for a line of credit of $ 250,000 for the general fund.

Location: 1294 Chestnut Street, Clarkston.

Consider adopting a policy on credit cards and acquisition cards – action to be taken.

Review and consider approving 2021-2022 School Improvement Plans – action to be taken.

Location: City Hall, 829 Fifth St.

Discussion on the offer of Justice Memorial Park.

Discussion of candidates for vacant Council positions.

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Nez Perc County Commission

Location: Brammer Building, 1225 Idaho St.

Consider a professional services agreement with Keller Associates – action.

Consider a standard stock rental agreement with Larry Vincent – action item.

Consider a memorandum of understanding to support clinical juvenile detention facilities with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections – action to be taken.

Consider approving the sheriff to sign an agreement with Language Line Services – action to follow.

Idaho Department of Water Resource Board Flood Control Grant Discussion and Decision – Action Needed.

Roads and bridges department update including summer grade hardening, Waha Road grader parking lot and dumpster site, inspector post and other issues.

Meeting with Planning and Construction department to review waiver requests for minimum lot size requirement, utility easement requirement and road design standards – action items.

Update of the high speed fiber project.

Location: 3317 12th St., Lewiston.

Public hearing and adoption of the 2021-2022 draft budget – action to be taken.

Recognition of recipients of scholarships, years of service and officer cadets.

Consider approving a regular session at Tammany High School – action to be taken.

Approve the renewal of transition services for students with disabilities – action to be taken.

Approval of service agreement with Northwest Children’s Home – action to be taken.

Review and consider approval of the 2021-2022 opening plan – action to be taken.

Location: Municipal Library, 411 D St.

Presentations from community groups to request funding.

Consent agenda including minutes, MOU with Lewiston port, SEL add administrative platform and vouchers to pay – action point.

Consider the Fourth Amendment to the Vornholt Planned Unit Development Agreement – point of action.

First reading of an ordinance promulgating a city code which provides that in the event that the city returns to a form of government with a strong mayor, the mayor will be elected by a majority of the votes cast for any candidate running for mayor – action to be taken.

Second and third readings of an order concerning the grounds for refusing an application for a daycare or preschool permit, or for suspending or revoking an existing permit – action to be taken.

Executive session for ongoing disputes.

Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District

Time: 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday.

Treasurer’s report and payment to suppliers.

Reports of the director, committee and district director.

Financial report, including the notice that the second half of 2020 irrigation evaluations are due by 5 p.m. June 21.

Consider a budget resolution and award bids for sand, gravel, and fuel – action items.

Executive meeting for pending litigation – action to be taken.

Lewiston Town Library Board of Trustees

Location: Municipal Library, 411 D St.

Consent agenda including minutes, statistic report and expenses – action point.

Election of officers – follow-up point.

Director’s report, including staff member’s introduction, strategic plan update, grant update, best practices, and budget 2022 update.

Unfinished business, including updated windows, dates for policy working sessions, review of regulations – action, and items removed from the consent agenda.

Security system update – action item.

July 5 holiday closure – action to be taken.

Nez Perce County Fair Board

Financial reports – action to be taken.

Fair schedule and entertainment spending – action to be taken.

Non-profit construction and rental equipment prices – action to be taken.

Theme of the 2022 fair – action.

Decision on board committees – action to be taken.

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