More than half of what Chilliwack residents throw away doesn’t belong there: audit – Chilliwack Progress

More than half of what goes in the garbage in Chilliwack doesn’t belong there.

According to its first quarter reports, the City of Chilliwack hired Dillon Consulting to conduct a “Trash Composition Study” to analyze the trash residents drop off for curbside collection.

The audit showed that 58% of waste content could be diverted from landfill, meaning materials are supposed to go into people’s green bins or be recycled instead.

Household waste audit results:

• 29% compostable waste

• 27% recyclable materials

• 2% hazardous household waste

“Now the city is able to identify areas where more diversion initiatives and education are needed,” according to the report. The Dillon audit also provided data to city officials on the amount of single-use plastic, for a baseline assessment of the number of single-use items discarded in solid curbside trash before implementation on 1 April of the reduction of single-use items. Stopped.

City officials also teamed up with a university student to conduct a recycling and recycling contamination survey, when it was clear that Chilliwack’s contamination rate was higher than the provincial average.

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