Most episodes shot in the Worcester area

Spoiler alert: For those who have not yet seen this episode, this story contains information that may reveal intrigue.

“Dexter: New Blood” finished its 10 week run on Sunday night.

And, Michael C. Hall – who plays America’s favorite fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan – had his last fight (at least for now) in the woods of 535 Harvard Road in Lancaster.

In fact, most of the show’s fascinating climax took place in Lancaster.

Not only did “Dexter: New Blood” ultimately live up to its name, it was a godsend for Showtime. With 9.1 million viewers, the show’s premiere was Showtime’s most-watched debut drama. Additionally, the reboot of “Dexter” averaged 7.6 million viewers per week across all platforms and topped all seasons of the original series.

In other words, “Dexter: New Blood” worked quite well for a series that had scenes shot in Worcester and many neighboring communities in Massachusetts including Boylston, Grafton, Gardner, Holden, Shirley, Sterling and West Boylston. , during his 10 weeks. Course.

In an episode titled “Sins of the Father,” not only did Dexter respond to the sins of being a serial killer with a strict moral code and for abandoning his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) by faking his own. dead, Dexter answered the sins of the series’ lousy sending of his character eight years earlier.

The finale opened on the smoldering rubble of Dexter’s log cabin, which was built and burned to the ground at Camp Collier in Gardner.

In the 8th minute, Dexter is with Angela Bishop (played by Julia Jones), who is her recent ex and the fictional town police chief of Iron Lake, NY, even though she and her daughter Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah) clearly live at 3 Chestnut St. in Grafton.

After bragging about being like the phoenix rising from its ashes, Dexter is arrested. He walked out of the side door of the Grafton House handcuffed by Sgt. Logan (Alano Miller) and taken to the police station (in Shelburne Fall) for questioning.

After 24 minutes, while Dexter is held in his cell, Harrison bites a burger and steals fries from Sgt. Logan, who is also Harrison’s wrestling trainer, in a Bull Run hall, 215 Great Road in Shirley.

Ten minutes later, Harrison visits his girlfriend Audrey at her home in Grafton.

After escaping from his prison cell, Dexter is seen running through the snowy woods of Lancaster, the same snowy woods that Dexter had his divine “Bambi” moment in the opening minutes of the first episode.

But, instead of crossing paths with an albino deer who knocks him to his knees, Dexter is on the run and urges his son Harrison that it’s time to get out of the dodge.

After 52 minutes, Dexter’s Dodge Ram is seen leaving town. The truck drives past the police station and downtown (both in Shelburne Fall), Angela and Audrey’s house (in Grafton), Iron Lake High School (aka Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton) and the restaurant at the local truck stop (in Whatley) outside of Iron Lake.

And, it turns out the fastest way out of Iron Lake is a long stretch of asphalt on Highway 140 in Gardner.

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