SquareOne Announces Advanced Development of Modernized Waste Oil Recycling Facility

SquareOne Energy, LLC announced the development of its first waste and used oil recycling facility in the Philadelphia area, the first to serve the Northeastern United States and Mid-Atlantic markets.

The facility will feature the most advanced process in the refining industry and create a holistically sustainable approach to reinvigorating used oil. The company will achieve this by converting a wide range of waste oils and other waste hydrocarbon streams into clean transportation fuel products, primarily Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). SquareOne’s ULSD, which will meet Colonial Pipeline specifications, will be available for immediate delivery to vehicles, transmission pipelines and vessels, making SquareOne the first facility in the nation to recycle discarded petroleum into road fuel. High quality.

The SquareOne facility will be built on an active refined products terminal site in the Philadelphia area owned and operated by PBF Logistics LP and PBF Energy Inc. PBF’s terminal, located in Paulsboro, NJ, provides the company with strong benefits from its existing infrastructure, multiple modes of transportation access and comprehensive utilities, significantly reducing the cost of developing the company’s new recycling facility. Leveraging the significant benefits of the existing infrastructure, the facility is expected to be operational in the first half of 2024.

SquareOne is an independent, Philadelphia-based company created to create a progressive solution to solving the critical problem of waste oil disposal and treatment in the United States. The company recognizes that the existing used oil refining industry needs an innovative approach to a) expand the waste streams that are recycled and b) advance the products created from these raw materials. According to government studies, up to a third of used oil is burned or disposed of illegally, causing significant environmental damage to soil and waterways. As such, the significant energy potential of these previously refined hydrocarbons is wasted. As the country aggressively pursues steps toward the energy transition to a cleaner future, so does the used oil refining space, which SquareOne is tackling with its advanced recycling process and beyond. existing and less complex industry technologies.

The company’s facility design will feature a sophisticated front-end and pre-treatment stage, which will allow the facility to accept and process many types of recyclable raw materials, many of which are currently disposed of improperly. SquareOne’s wider range of recyclable raw materials sets it apart from existing refiners that traditionally only process used motor oil. Acceptable raw materials, in addition to used motor oil, will also include residual marine oils and more unsalable materials (unusable distillates combined with gasoline) as well as various other off-specification and distressed hydrocarbons.

SquareOne will also license proven technology for its installation, providing the cleanest set of product yields in the US re-refining industry. The Company’s primary product will be pipeline ULSD, with associated products including low sulfur naphtha and high viscosity Group III base oil blend.

John Sadlowski, President and CEO of SquareOne, said, “We are very pleased to move forward with confidence in developing our state-of-the-art recycling facility that will better serve the industry and will provide a long-awaited environmentally-focused solution. for the treatment of waste oil and other energy waste. Our Philadelphia facility will be the first used oil recycling operation in the Northeastern United States as well as the nation’s most advanced and capable recycling asset, processing a wide range of raw material streams to our local communities with much-needed clean fuel products for the transportation industry. .

“We are fortunate to have partnered with strong organizations from PBF and Sunoco, which allowed us to take critical steps for the full operation of our facility. SquareOne is committed to providing a highly sophisticated and practical solution for capturing and transforming waste oil into cleaner energy, while supporting our local communities through appropriate outlets for waste oil disposal and creating new business opportunities. use. After years of support and dedication from our company’s management, operations team and financial partners, we are fully ready to execute our plan to build our initial facility and are already looking for new other opportunities in other regions where similar innovative solutions are needed.

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