The Plastics Industry Association names the winners of 2021 Re | Focus for innovation in sustainable development


The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics), Washington, announced the winners of the 2021 Re Sustainability Innovation Award | Focus. The awards recognize companies that “promote environmental advancements in product design, sustainable materials and end-of-life recovery of plastics.”

Boy wines is the Design Award winner for addressing the large carbon footprint of round glass wine bottles with a beautifully designed space, weight and energy saving flat bottle made entirely from polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) plastic recycled, according to the association.

Ford Motor Co. is the recipient of the Materials award for a composite incorporating a biomaterial from coffee making. The composite is 17% lighter, requires 25% less energy to produce, and is more durable than the talc-filled material that was its predecessor.

Digimarc Corp. received the End-of-Life Award for its digital watermark solution, giving plastics and other waste materials a “digital recycling passport” to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the recycling process and foster a more circular economy.

The association also announced the Re | focus Leadership and People’s Choice.

Chevron Phillips Chemical received the leadership award for converting hard-to-recycle plastic waste into premium raw materials.

“Receiving the 2021 Innovation Award for Sustainability Leadership Re | focus underscores our commitment to advancing a circular economy for plastics, ”said Benny Mermans, vice president of sustainability at Chevron Phillips Chemical. “Thanks to Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene and our growing efforts to create sustainable flows for plastic waste, Chevron Phillips Chemical is well positioned to provide sustainable solutions for years to come.

Fort Otosan received the People’s Choice Award for an automotive fan fairing that is produced with 50% recycled material and reduces the CO2 produced in the manufacturing process.

“Since we started the project in 2019 to develop a part that offers the same level of performance by using recycled materials instead of the conventional fan fairing part made only of raw plastic, we have succeeded in reducing emissions of linked to production and achieve 17% savings through a reduction in the carbon footprint of 2.2 kilograms per part, ”said Özak DurmuÅŸ, senior sustainability engineer at Ford Otosan. “This is a very important step towards increasing the demand for recycled plastics and creating a circular economy structure in Turkey.”

“We had a banner year with 52 entries for the 2021 awards and 3,080 votes cast for our People’s Choice Award., ” says Patrick Krieger, senior director of materials and sustainability for plastics. “The applications are incredibly diverse, showing how sustainability is built into plastics.”

Plastics Says Nominations for the 2022 Plastics Sustainability Innovation Awards Re | focus will begin in November of this year.


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